The IMAGO7 Foundation is a multidisciplinary research center where physicists, engineers, computer scientists and clinicians work together to develop novel techniques for Magnetic Resonance Imaging at ultra high field and to apply them to clinical and neuroscience research. The usage of the ultra high magnetic field boosts the potential of MRI, by increasing the achievable spatial, temporal or spectral resolution and enabling novel contrast weighting and quantitative measurements, so opening unprecedented opportunities for the detection of disease biomarkers.


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Bombonato C, Cipriano E, Pecini C, Casalini C, Bosco P, Podda I, Tosetti M, Biagi L, Chilosi A.M
Relationship among Connectivity of the Frontal Aslant Tract, Executive Functions, and Speech and Language Impairment in Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Brain Sciences, 13:78 2023