7T MRI scanner

The IMAGO7 Foundation is equipped with the only 7T MR scanner in Italy (GE SIGNA 7T). The high signal-to-noise ratio achievable at 7T allows the study of the human body with an unprecedented level of details. Some of the main applications focus on the brain but also studies on different anatomical districts were performed (e.g., liver, muscoloskeletal system). The magnet was installed in 2011 but the whole system was updated during summer 2021.


Coils for proton (1H) imaging

  • Nova Medical head coil 2ch-tx/32ch-rx
  • QED 2ch-tx/28ch-rx
  • Nova Medical head coil 8ch-tx/32ch-rx
  • MRITools occipital / cervical coil 8ch-tx/8ch-rx
  • Homemade knee coil 8ch-tx/8ch-rx
  • Homemade small samples coil 2ch-tx/2ch-rx

Coils for X-nuclei imaging

  • Tesla DC bore coil 31P/23Na
  • Tesla DC body array 1H 8ch-tx/8ch-rx and 31P 24ch-rx
  • Homemade volume array 23Na 2ch-tx/2ch-rx
  • Homemade surface array 1H/23Na
  • Homemade surface array 1H/31P
  • Homemade MNS

Other hardware

  • Skope Dynamic Field Camera
  • VisuaStim Digital system for the transmission of sensory stimuli for functional studies
  • Phantoms for the assessment of image quality, quantification accuracy and reproducibility

Some applications

  • Search of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in neurological, neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders (Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, ipomyelinating disorders, epilepsy, rare diseases)
  • Development of advanced acquisition, reconstruction and analysis techniques for quantitative imaging (Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping, multiparametric mapping, Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting)
  • X-nuclei imaging and spectroscopy (31P, 23Na)
  • Development of Artificial Intelligence techniques to support diagnostic processes
  • Study of physiological and physiopathological functions of the brain and its plasticity in neuroscience experiments using functional MRI
  • Development of dedicated hardware and RF coils

3T MRI scanner

The FiRM Lab (Laboratory for Medical Physics and Biotechnologies of Magnetic Resonance) also contributes to the clinical diagnostic activities of the Stella Maris Foundation, performed on a state-of-the-art 3T MR scanner (GE Premier), installed in December 2021.